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When you choose to have a medical cosmetic treatment, such as wrinkle reducing injections, dermal fillers or skin needling, it’s important that you feel confident about your practitioner, their experience and recommendations.

An initial consultation is a good starting point because it gives you the opportunity to discuss how you feel about aspects of your appearance and to ask questions. It also gives your practitioner time to analyse your skin, understand your needs and medical background, and make recommendations based on what they believe would be right for you.

When you come to Medikaur Skin & Aesthetics, most treatments are carried out by Jane Paterson.

About Jane Paterson, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner  

Jane Paterson is a joint partner of Medikaur Skin and Aesthetics. She has dedicated over 20 years of her career to working and teaching in aesthetic medicine. She is a highly qualified and experienced advanced aesthetic nurse practitioner and specialises in providing anti-ageing advice and skin treatments, as well as advanced non-surgical injectable procedures.

Jane has worked with renowned plastic surgeons in Oxford, London and Scotland, and has learnt and perfected the most up-to-date, advanced non-surgical techniques. She has also worked for major cosmetic healthcare providers, including the Transform Medical Group, Destination Skin, and La Belle Forme.

Jane is a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and has a postgraduate qualification in dermatology. She is also a qualified Pilates teacher and trainer and has written a well-received manual for Pilates teachers and health professionals called “Teaching Pilates for Postural Faults and Injury”. Jane continues to attend Pilates and yoga classes regularly and encourages patients to consider their approach to health and fitness, and how a more holistic approach might enhance their skin, health, appearance and overall well-being.

Jane works alongside Dr Gurpreet Gill, a General Practitioner who has a special interest in skin and a postgraduate diploma in aesthetic medicine. Whether you see Jane or Dr Gill for your treatment, you will be in safe and experienced hands.

Get expert advice, unique to you, about transforming and rejuvenating your skin.


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