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At Medikaur Skin & Aesthetics, we specialise in non-surgical facial aesthetics treatments that offer long-lasting but non-permanent results. This means that we can adapt your treatments to meet your changing needs, and focus on giving you the most naturally-beautiful results possible.

Medikaur Skin & Aesthetics is a medically-led clinic where you will see our advanced aesthetic nurse practitioner or a highly qualified doctor, depending on your treatment. When you come to the skin clinic for an initial consultation, we spend time listening to your concerns and finding out as much possible about the results you desire. After carefully analysing your skin and learning your medical history, you can rely on us to give you advice and treatment recommendations designed to give you the very best results. 

With our measured, individual approach, you can have healthy and radiant skin alongside safe and effective aesthetic enhancements. 

Our treatments include: Advanced non-surgical cosmetic injections and procedures; Treatments for pigmentation and sun damaged skin; Treatments for pigmentation in Asian and Black skin; Treatments for under-eye dark circles; Treatments for acne and acne scarring; Skin rejuvenation for anti-ageing; Skin preparation for weddings and big events.

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